8 Bits of Destiny Submission Guidelines

Email your submissions to submissions@8bitsofdestiny.com

Rules for Submissions:

The rules for submission are pretty simple. You must own the rights to the artwork you are submitting, it must be video game related to be considered, and it must be a finished piece. There are no restrictions on size, but oversize pieces, or pieces that need special arrangements (such as 3D or interactive displays), will be accepted at the discretion of the 8 Bits of Destiny panel of judges. A submission does not guarantee that your art will be displayed in the show. You will be contacted by email if your submission is accepted.

Submission Agreement:

By submitting your artwork, you agree to the following terms:

Public Release

In consideration for the opportunity of the Artist identified above to participate in 8 Bits of Destiny, I grant to 8 Bits of Destiny Art Showcase(the Showcase), the right to photograph, record, and otherwise reproduce the Artist’s image, voice, and/or likeness in connection with the Showcase; all rights of use, ownership, and copyright in such photographs, recordings, and reproductions; the right to distribute such photographs, recordings, and reproductions without limitation by any means; and the right to use such photographs, recordings, and reproductions and the Artist’s name and biographical information to promote the Showcase.

Release of All Claims

8 Bits of Destiny will be on display during the regularly scheduled open hours of the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo. Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo’s insurance policy does not include works on exhibition and is not responsible for artworks, therefore, by submitting, Artists agree to release Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo, 8 Bits of Destiny and its volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising from or in conjunction with, participation in this art exhibit.

A formal contract will also need to be signed if you are accepted into the Showcase.

Art Auction:

During 8 Bits of Destiny art shows, attendees will be able to bid on the art in a silent auction. All pieces will be starting at a $1 minimum bid. At the end of the show, we hold a final auction, where people will be able to bid live, and pick up the art that they have won.

Profit Sharing:

Like most galleries or art shows, 8 Bits of Destiny has expenses. To that end, we require that any piece priced over $50.00 will be split 80% to the artist, and 20% to 8 Bits of Destiny.

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